COVID-19 MCPG Update

‚ÄčAt this time due to the Covid 19 Pandemic there are no MCPG prayer meetings or Masses taking place - we ask everyone to remember in their prayers all affected by this virus and ask the Lord to protect our healthcare and frontline workers as they continue to provide assistance and service to others.

A Prayer in this time of Challenge by Bishop Larry Duffy 

God of Love, we the people of the Diocese of Clogher turn to you with prayerful hearts and with confidence in your loving presence among us now and in every moment of our lives. We stand before you as a people of hope, trusting in your care and protection. May we be comforted by your love in these anxious times.


Generous and Merciful God, fill us with compassion and concern for others, young and old; that we may look after each other in these challenging times, especially those among us who are vulnerable. May your example give us the courage we need to go to the margins, wherever they may be. Heal us of our fear.


Healing God, bring healing to those who are sick with the Coronavirus and be with their families and neighbours. We pray especially who those who are isolated, that they may know your love. Stay by our side in this time of uncertainty and sorrow.


God of Strength, accompany all those who serve us with such love and generosity in the medical profession and in all our healthcare facilities.  We give thanks for their continued work in the service of people. We ask you to bless them, strengthen them and guide them with your abundant goodness.


God of Wisdom, we ask you to guide the leaders in healthcare and governance; that they may make the right decisions for the wellbeing of people.


O God of creation and God of life, we, your people here in Clogher, place ourselves and our world in your protection and love. May your peace be with us and enfold us today, tomorrow and during the time ahead.


We make our prayer through the intercession of Mary our Mother, and all the saints.

St Joseph, pray for us.
St Patrick, pray for us.
St Macartan, pray for us.
St Davnet, pray for us.
St Fanchea, pray for us.

May all the saints of God, pray for us, Amen!                                               

 + Larry Duffy, Bishop of Clogher 




We continue to remember in our daily prayers our own intentions and all those in need of prayers at this time.