About Us

We came together as a group before the Monfort Fathers left Monaghan. The core team was chosen and commissioned by Fr. Ronnie Mitchell to continue the prayer group founded by himself and Sr. Elaine Sheridan in January 1975. Fr. Ronnie became our Spiritual Director and served as such until his sudden and untimely death on 30th May 2012. R.I.P. We are currently in the process of appointing a new Spiritual Director

Our Calling

We are a Charismatic prayer group based in Monaghan, consisting of the said prayer group, music ministry and a core team. Our mission is to love ad serve the Lord, and to reach out and to enlarge the Lord’s territory. In doing so we give talks, days of renewal, arrange various events such as Life in the Spirit Seminars, May Novena, Knock week-end retreat. We have visiting speakers, monthly healing masses, visit various houses of prayer, Noel Byrne in Carlow, Fr Thaddaeus House of prayer In Co. Wicklow. We also publish a newsletter three times a year.

Each Monday night from 8-10pm in St. Louis Convent Chapel we gather together to praise and worship the Lord, and to encourage and grow one another on our life’s journey. We ask the blessing and anointing of the Holy Spirit on this prayer group, as we set about carrying out our mission in leading and serving the prayer group


Mission statement

We are a charismatic prayer group who meets in saint louis convent chapel,monaghan town for prayer and praise each monday night at 8pm.The core team meet earlier to prepare for the meeting and for a time of prayer.Our aim is to enlarge god's territory and to further God's kingdom in the lives of the prayer group.

Each member of the core team has a duty to perform.Core team meet each month for a time of prayer and business agenda.These include the following.


1.  Monday night prayer group in saint louis convent chapel.

2.  Monthly healing mass on the second  Monday of each month.

3.  Life in the spirit seminars. God's love. Salvation. The new Life. Receiving God's Gift.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Growth. Transformation in  Christ.

4.  Guest speakers throughout the year.

5.  Days of renewal.

6.  Organise pilgrimages.

7.  May novena.

8.  Spring conference.

9.  Knock weekend retreat.

10.  Print a newsletter three times a year.

11.  Safeguarding  Representative    Kevin McQuillian of the M.C.P.G.

12. Contact this prayer group for those who need speakers for your life in the spirit seminars.


The prayer group is run with the knowledge of, and in obedience to our Bishop Larry Duffy in the Diocese of Clougher